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We have numerous clients successfully running Linux Servers with remote admin support. Windows™ online support is provided via remote support software. Click this link and wait for phone instructions.

All other non urgent technical enquiries will be dealt with either via or through our online technical support forums.

Emergencies are covered by our same day callout tariff, the details of which can be found on the services page.

Viri & Malware

If you are using a Windows based computer to access the Internet, it is stronlgy recommended that you install commercial security software. We currently recommend Vipre Internet Security for business and home users.

Notes: You must uninstall any outdated / broken Anti-Virus software before installing a different product. You may also install Anti-Malware software alongside your Anti-Virus software. Here are three such software products.

If you can boot into Windows™ but suspect you are still infected, perform a preliminary scan with the following Online Scan tools.

If Windows will not boot at all you can create a Rescue CD or Rescue USB Pendrive. The two we recommend are AVG Rescue CD or Kaspersky Rescue CD however there are others you can try.

You can also contact us for a no obligation quote on backing up your data, cleaning up infections and restoring your Windows Operating System.

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