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You may contact Custom PC North West in one of several ways. Firstly you may send email using your preferred email client by

Email is checked very regularly and its probably the best way to deal with IT enquiries in any case. If your communication is of a somewhat more urgent nature you have several options as follows :-

Voicemail: the VOIP service and the fax number below both take voice messages. The mobile number however does not.

Callback request: please send an email, text, or leave voicemail with a brief description of your query and your landline number.

Form Mail

And lastly, for your convenience you may use our handy webform. We endevour to answer all web queries within 24hrs and will always politely reply to your enquiries.

Be sure to enter your email address correctly, then fill in the other fields before clicking 'Send Me'

Thank you for patience and interest in Custrom PC North West.

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Phone: +44 1704 778 241
Fax: +44 7092 276 450

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